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Welcome to our XDA Profile line! This keycap line shows all of our keycap designs that are available in XDA Profile! We try our best to include as many customization options for our customers as we can. While we can't offer XDA profile in all of our designs because of the low profile that limits our creative freedom, we try to include as many profiles as possible so everyone can enjoy our artisan keycaps, no matter what profiles they desire!

What Makes XDA Profile Unique

XDA Profile is one of the shortest keycap profiles, alongside DSA Profile. Unlike other traditional keycap profiles, XDA has a flat top and uniform height, which for some can make it extremely easy to type on. This also means that the keycaps lay completely flat with no rows since all of the keycaps are identical in shape. This makes it one of the easier keycaps to turn into resin keycaps, because instead of having to make a different 1U keycap for every row, you can use them for any row. The difficulties with XDA arrive when trying to cast intricate designs, because at almost half the height of SA profile, you lose a lot of real estate to work with inside of the keycap.

Got An Idea?

If you have any new design ideas or would like to request a custom commission on a keycap, please send us an email at, or a message on Instagram at @kaydenskeycaps. We are always eager to hear from our customers and create new keycap designs for all keyboard enthusiasts to enjoy!

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