Collection: Artisan Keycaps

We have been making intricate and unique artisan keycaps for over 3 years now. Using high quality epoxy resin, dyes, pigments, paints, glitters, and more we are able to craft one of a kind artisan keycaps for mechanical keyboards. All of our keycaps are suitable for cherry mx style switches and will fit any standard mechanical keyboard switch.

What Profiles Do You Offer?

Depending on the keycap or collection we will offer 1 or more profiles available to choose from. 

At this moment we offer:

  • Cherry Profile
  • OEM Profile
  • XDA Profile
  • DSA Profile
  • ASA Profile
  • SA Profile 
  • MT3 Profile
  • DOM Profile

If there are any keycap profiles you would like to see, please let us know, we are always open to any new profiles and designs!

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