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Top 5 Most Popular Keycap Profiles

There are many different keycap profiles with new ones being created all the time. These profiles range from shorter keys like DSA and XDA which are only a few mm tall, to very tall ones such as MT3 and SA. While it may be easiest to use the default OEM keycaps that come with many mainstream affordable keyboards, it's important to try out different profiles to find what fits your typing, and gaming style, the best!

SA Profile, OEM Profile, Cherry Profile, XDA Profile, and DSA Profile Keycaps

 The Top 5:

1. Cherry/GMK Profile

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It's no wonder why Cherry profile is one of the most used keycap set. It is the best of both worlds, its medium sized with a slight height difference on each row to fit your fingers perfectly. It also happens to resemble traditionally keyboards pretty similarly. GMK profile is also included next to Cherry because they are practically identical.

2. OEM Profile

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OEM profile stands for "original equipment manufacturer," and is essentially the standard profile for mechanical keyboards. OEM keycaps are on the majority of prebuilt mechanical keyboards. They resemble a taller version of cherry profile and while they may be very popular on cheaper keyboards, they aren't as popular as Cherry profile for most mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

3. SA Profile

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SA Profile stands for "spherical all" and it means that all the keycaps have a spherical top. This spherical top allows you to rest your fingers on the keycaps perfectly and allows for a typing experience that other profiles don't offer. SA keycaps are also the tallest keycaps you can buy, almost double the height of Cherry. These keycaps are so popular because of the "thocc sound" that they give off, and the curved angle from the top.

 4. XDA Profile

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XDA profile is one of the shorter keycap profiles, although still taller then DSA. XDA is more preferable for people who are used to traditional, flatter keyboards, such as a laptop keyboard. Since these keycaps are so small they can also produce a much quieter sound, being optimal for workspaces.

 5. DSA Profile

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The 5th pick could really go to many keycap profiles. MT3 may also be a good pick for the 5th pick but since its fairly new, its hard to tell. DSA is a taller version of XDA, with more of a "dome." DSA is more for the typer, rather then the gamer.


What Keycap Profile Should I Use?

This question is very subjective. Everyone has a different favourite profile, depending on what you're using your keyboard for, hand size, ergonomics, etc. The best way to find out is to find if you like a flatter profile, or a more angled one. If you find typing on a laptop difficult, then you may want to use a profile such as OEM or SA. If laptop typing is more appealing to you, then XDA or DSA may be your best pick. If you're looking for the best overall profile and aren't sure what you want, go for cherry profile, a good balance of both.


Can I Get Custom Keycaps For Every Profile?

If you need custom keycaps for your weird profiles, then Kayden's Keycaps can help! We do custom resin artisan keycaps for every profile. We even offer MT3 and DSA keycaps, which no other artisan company does! Kayden's Keycaps also takes custom orders, just message us @kaydenskeycaps on Instagram or send an email to

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